it’s the food of the gods.  and delinquent children.

this is an older one.  8X8 acrylic on board. SOLD


About sophiefranz

I paint pictures, draw stuff and teach painting and comics at the Multnomah Arts Center in Portland, OR and out of my personal studio. Which is also in Portland, OR.
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2 Responses to peanutbutter

  1. I saw this one and I had to crack up, because of how much I see my childhood in so many of your characters. I WAS this child, sneaking peanut butter in the dark. Another great.

  2. sophiefranz says:

    yeah, peanut butter=heaven. we also had this weird stuff that was supposed to be plum jam, but my mom cooked it too long so it was sorta like addictive sugary cement. we would eat a spoonful of it and it would glue our teeth together, then we would run around with our lockjaw screaming in panic and delight until it finally dissolved.

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